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"In this episode, Brittany shares intimate details of her self discovery journey and creation of her memoir. Brittany's energy is magnetic as she dives into the importance of making yourself a priority, staying true to yourself when overcoming life's obstacles through personal relationships, career choices, and manifesting the life we want by crossing the bridge of fear." - Girls Gone Boss


"Join us for a super inspiring chat with the author of 25 & Self-ish, Brittany Berger. In our conversation, Brittany shares her story of overcoming criticism and charging forward in the face of the unknown. After this episode, you'll be inspired to run through the darkness in the pursuit of your dreams!" - Candis Hickman - Becoming Known podcast

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This week on the podcast, Founder Iain Grae sits with Brittany to talk all things selfish. Brittany appeals to more than just young women, she speaks to and is an inspiration for anyone who is ready to transform into an expression of love and greatness. Tune in to discover how being selfish actually allows you to give more, not only to yourself but also to others. 


“How is your identity holding you back? And where does the fear of being judged come from?”


In this episode, we delve into the emotional side of how somebody does all that. Why did she write her book? How did she have to change her identity to do it? How did everybody react to her decisions? And most importantly: how do people see you when you show that level of vulnerability to them?


Brittany is an incredible speaker and life coach. And in this episode, I’m sure you’ll be just as captivated by her words, and advice, as I was.


Brittany Berger, the author of 25 and Self-ish, talks about her faith and trust in her divine path, how she views her time in quarantine as a blessing and uses this extended expansion for personal growth. Her insights will give you a new perspective on life in 2020.  


In this episode, we speak with Brittany about her definition of "self-ish" and how it can help us in our mid to late twenties, how to learn to live our life authentically while we are young, and how to push through a quarter-life crisis.


Bibiana Julian and Brittany Berger discuss what women really want in dating and partnership. They open up about their dating lives and experiences into how their mindsets have changed their lives. Find out what to do if you're in a "situationship"!

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