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Author of "25 and Self-ish"
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25 and Self-ish

I always played it safe and never took risks. I had complete control over my life. The year before I turned twenty-five everything changed. I experienced true love and true heartbreak, career success and failure, and crossed the bridge of fear leaving everything behind to move to another country. How did I avoid a quarter life crisis? By learning to be self-ish.

Work Experience

About the Author

Brittany Berger has a natural ability to empower young adults and women in their quarter-life crisis stages. Prior to becoming an author, she worked under corporate management and now pursues her passion in enhancing one’s self-reflection by addressing personal truths and embracing authenticity.

Today, her ambition is dedicated to guiding others in finding their identified purpose and self-driven solutions through overcoming daily fears. Her enthusiasm for inspiring individuals has built her motivational speaking platform, mindfulness coaching, and creation of wellness programs and events globally. The events from her book are what has shaped her newfound path.

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— E.P.

"Your book found its way into my hands at a time when I too felt a little lost, alone and longing for a purpose. Although there are 10+ years between us, your candidness about relationship struggles, job successes & failures, have so many parallels to my life, I suddenly didn't feel so alone in my journey."

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